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USCG Approval !!!

Well, it has been along, rewarding process, and we are SO excited to announce that we are now USCG approved as a PFD !!! Thank you to all of our customers who have been SO patient in waiting for your purchases from each of the boat shows in 2015. We hope you have enjoyed the UFLOATs that we have already sent to you, and the USCG approved version are on their way!!!


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  • USCG Type V PFD on

    Hi Greg- Sorry for the late response.. The UFLOAT has been approved as a Type V PFD. Rated for waist size 28-40 and above 90 pounds, for inland calm waters, and NOT for motorized or towed uses (i.e. wakeboarding, waverunners, etc…) . It DOES satisfy the USCG requirement of pfd’s to be carried aboard recreational boats, maning it DOES count as one of the necessary life jackets per person. Thanks !

  • GReg on

    What level/class are these approved for? Depending on the state , age and the activity that it’s being used for , specifies the required level.

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