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RAISING WHEELS - YouTube Video Review of UFLOAT

Thank You @Melissa Copp for sharing your awesome video review of how the UFLOAT works for you and your children ! (The review is below the video) 


We met y'all at the All Abilities Expo in Houston in August and purchased two Ufloat life jackets because of what we had already researched about your product. We were in a tough position not having anything for our boys to swim safely due to their low muscle tone. They have an extremely rare genetic condition that affects the mitochondria in the body from producing enough energy so they need a floating device to aid them when in the pool to swim. Swimming is one of their absolute favorite activities and the Ufloat is making that happen! 
In fact, we loved it so much, we made a video of our children using the Ufloat life jackets on our YouTube channel to showcase just how much. 
Feel free to put this on your website if you want, we're happy to help in any way show other families raising children that need a little extra help in the swimming pool. 
Our YouTube video on the Ufloat:
Please let us know your thoughts!
Melissa Copp

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