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UFLOAT Contest Winners- Congratulations

We would like to say thank you to all of the UFLOAT supporters who participated in the July photo contest. The winners of the contest are listed below, as well as the winners for liking and sharing the page. As a big THANK YOU! to everyone, please use the code 'CONTEST' for 30% off your next UFLOAT order @ (code is valid until August 17th). Once again, THANK YOU! ‪#‎arewefloatinyet‬ ‪#‎theufloat‬ #ufloatmatters 

Congratulations to the WINNERS !

Photo Contest
1st place - Julie Sweeney (4 UFLOATs)
2nd place - The Glossons (2 UFLOATs)
3rd place - Mitzi Albers (1 UFLOAT)

Like and Share Contest
1st Place - Jill Henderson (4 UFLOATs)
2nd Place - Marty Kilgore (2 UFLOATs)
3rd Place - Mary Thomas (1 UFLOAT)


UFLOAT contest winner 'upside down' life jacket diaper float   UFLOAT conyesy winner 2nd place upside down life jacket diaper float  UFLOAT contest winner 3rd place upside down life jacket diaper float  

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