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UFLOAT Goes Viral- OVER 21 Million Views on Facebook!!!

Wow! what a week it has been. Our video and products have gone viral with over 21Million views on Facebook. Thank you to 'So That's Buzzy' , 'Smartly', 'Viral Thread', 'RadioOne', and 'Homestead & Survival' for creating and marketing the videos on their platforms !  Over 21M views, 200kshares, 30k likes, 30kcomments. VIRAL! The World's First and ONLY USCG CERTIFIED 'Upside Down' Life Jacket or PFD. 

So Thats Buzzy Video 

SO Thats Buzzy UFLOAT Viral Video upside down life jacket

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  • Chris on

    May I suggest different colors!

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