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UFLOAT Matters - Making a Difference

Just wanted to share a story from one of our new friends.....

" Would like to enter in the ufloat contest to win (hopefully 1st prize)
We have taken it to our parents at the lake and my handicaped daughter used to be so afraid of the water, now with the ufloat on she is actually floating in the lake without hanging on to me for dear life.
Life Jackets used to float up and around her face and she couldn't see. The ufloat stays in place.
I now enjoy myself in the water she just holds my hands now instead of clinging around my neck the whole time.

1st one getting ready to leave for the pool
2nd one found her asleep in her bed wouldn't take the ufloat off
Thank you so much for making these ! "

UFLOAT matters


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