USCG Certified and Approved! Fun, Safe & Comfortable !
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UFLOAT United States Coast Guard Upside Down Life Jacket

The UFLOAT® satisfies the USCG regulations requiring PFDs to be carried !!!


6 Reasons Why You Need a UFLOAT® 

  • Maximum Comfort
  • Full Range of Motion
  • Vertical-in-Water
  • No Rashes / Chafing
  • No Tan Lines


What is the UFLOAT?®
  • The UFLOAT® is a Personal Flotation Device designed for use in calm water. (Lakes, Rivers, Pools, Oceans). It's good and it works !!!
    Is the UFLOAT® United States Coast Guard approved?
    • Yes! The UFLOAT® is certified by the USCG as a wearable PFD. It meets the standard requirments for a TYPE III recreational PFD. That means it is approved for calm waters where rescue is close at hand.
    • As with MOST PFDs or life jackets,  it does NOT have turning (righting) capability for an unconscious wearer- it WON'T turn a wearer from face down to a face up position
    • It is approved for non-motorized or towed uses (swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, FLOATING). It is NOT approved for wakeboarding, wave-running, tubing, etc.....
      Does the UFLOAT® take the place of a traditional life jacket or pfd?
      • Yes! The UFLOAT® satisfies the USCG regulations requiring pfds to be carried.
        Why not just use an 'upside-down' life jacket?
        • Because a life jacket is NOT certified or made to be worn upside down. The UFLOAT® is specifically designed for this purpose and maximum comfort.
          What is it made of?
          • The UFLOAT® is made of High Quality component products: Neoprene, PVC Foam, Polyester Mesh
            What sizes are available?
            • Recreational model: adult universal - (waist size 24"-48") (over 80 lbs)
            • USCG PFD  model: adult universal - (waist size 28"-48") (over 90 lbs)
            • There are NO sizes for infants or toddlers. The 80 lb. recommendation usually starts around 9 or 10 years old.
              What's the Difference between the 2 Models (USCG approved vs. Recreational)?
              • The USCG Model is made of slightly higher grade material due to the regulations and requirements of the Coast Guard
              • The is no real structural or design difference 
              • They have the same performance when worn in the water !!!
                Can the UFLOAT be used for wakeboarding, waverunners, or tubing? 
                • The UFLOAT is not certified for motorized or towed uses. It is designed for Swimming,  Snorkeling, Kayaking,  Paddle Boarding, Floating,  and Relaxing.
                  Does it work for people with a disability or ailment? 
                  UFLOAT® - ABILITY!
                  • The UFLOAT is changing the in-water experience within the disabled community. What used to be a chore with the old traditional pfd's is now FUN for all involved!

                  • Yes! The UFLOAT®  is a great flotation aid for anyone. We have received awesome feedback from people with various disabilities that absolutely LOVE the UFLOAT® . It is a great aid for Cerebral Palsy,  Spina Bifida, Cystic Fibrosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Paralysis, Autism, Amputees, and just about any and every ailment thinkable. Anyone who loves the water loves the UFLOAT® !  
                    (She Loves it so much she wore it to bed!)
                    UFLOAT Matters Upside Down Life JAcket disabled life jacket 


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